How to measure

Measuring for a suitable cover can be as simple as selecting a standard size and measuring the Height and Width that will best fit the area around your device.

There is a comfortable 26cm of depth behind the front of most standard covers with larger covers having a more generous 30cm to 34cm of depth.

Helpful tips when choosing the Height and Width:

  1. When determining the height, consider a ventilation clearance above your device.  You can use the Brand page for guidance.
  2. If you're covering a device that is installed high up, under an eve or under a window sill, choose a custom cover and request a greater than 3cm gap to the wall for improved ventilation or clearance away from a window sill. The top of a cover at the front is required to be 5cm below any ceiling above so the front can be hinged up horizontal.

  3. Choose a width that allows the cover to overlap each side of your device, increasing the shaded area.

  4. If you need a custom cover solution, take a look at our How to order a custom cover information page.

The top has a 3cm gap at the back for improved ventilation and to clear any conduit or uneven walls. Covers come in various standard sizes. The example below has dimensions for our standard 77cm high x 70cm wide x 26cm deep cover.



Fixing points

The cover is light in weight, and easily fixed to the wall through the 4 wall tabs on the legs. There are no cross rails at the bottom or sides allowing easy positioning to avoid switches, conduit or other obstacles.  Below is a photo of when the cover is open.