How to Guides

How to measure

Measuring for a suitable cover can be as simple as selecting a standard size and measuring the Height and Width that will best fit the area around your device.

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How to order Custom Covers

We have a good selection of standard cover sizes and additionally we offer a service to customise the cover to suit your requirements.

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How to assemble

The covers are shipped as four components with assembly and installation instructions that we find people have no trouble using to assemble and install. 

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How to install

Installation is a simple process, whether fixing into timber or masonry, with the wall fixing tabs coming pre drilled ready to affix to the wall.

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Materials and Colours

Our shade Covers are made to last using the highest quality materials to withstand the harsh sunlight.

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Have problem with choosing what you need?

Please fill out the enquiry form below and our experts will get in touch with you to find out the best solution that fits your budget.

By uploading a photo of your solar inverter and its immediate surroundings below, we can provide feedback on how the solar inverter cover will fit over and around any switches, conduits, meterboxes, downpipes or other obstacles.