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We stock solar inverter covers to protect your solar energy system

At Simply Covers, we aim to cater for all solar inverter brands, makes and models, which is why our covers are suitable for a wide range of brands, including: 

Can’t find a cover to match the dimensions of your solar energy system? We manufacture custom covers to guarantee long-lasting performance from your inverter! Simply choose your preferred size, dimensions and colour on the product page, and we’ll manufacture a cover that will fit. 

Choosing the right size for your solar inverter

Unsure which size is right for your solar inverter? You can email us a photo of your inverter and the surrounding area. There might be AC and DC switches that would be good to cover space constraints and navigate around the inverter with nearby downpipes, conduits, windows or gates.

We can also customise a cover in height, width, depth, top and sides. We have decades of experience in the solar industry — finding an inverter we can’t manufacture a cover for is unusual!

Contact us at (07) 3054 4334 to discuss inverter cover sizes, or email us at for online support. 

Our materials & colours

Our covers are manufactured using the highest quality materials on the market, including stainless steel hinges, clear anodised aluminium, and polycarbonate sheeting from Palram, a global leader in thermoplastic technology. These materials ensure our covers are long lasting and offer the highest level of protection against harsh UV rays and weather conditions. 

We also offer various attractive colours to blend into your home’s facade, including dark grey, light grey (solar control grey) and solar white (solar ice). Each colour's ability to absorb or reflect heat and sunlight is unique — see the outlined colours below. 

Regardless of which colour you choose, you can rest assured that your cover will have excellent UV light and heat protection (optionally also on both sides), so your inverter will continue to perform perfectly. 

We recommend a solar inverter cover for every solar system installed outside

Solar inverters and other important solar energy system components are exposed to the elements 24/7 when installed outside. Most inverter manufacturers recommend installing your inverter out of direct sunlight to maintain your warranty and ensure the best possible performance from your solar system — too much sunlight can cause overheating and, in turn, power reduction. 

Too much sunlight can even cause your inverter’s exterior casing, internal electrical components and LCD screens to degrade!

However, installing an inverter out of direct sunlight is not always possible. This is where a quality cover can make all the difference.

Our solar inverter covers are made from high-quality materials and offer UV light and heat protection (optionally also on both sides), promoting excellent performance from your inverter and protecting it from sun damage. 

Order a stock or custom inverter cover online with Simply Covers

Extend the lifespan of your solar inverter with a stock or custom cover from Simply Covers! Order online for fast manufacturing and shipping throughout Australia, or opt for in-store pick-up from our warehouse location in West End, Brisbane.

Need a hand with installation in the Brisbane metro area? Contact our team at 

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