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Protect your solar energy system with a Sungrow battery cover from Simply Covers

Sungrow is one of the world’s top solar inverter and battery brands, known for its innovative products and drive to be a global leader in clean power conversion technology. While Sungrow is known for its reliable, clever products, most manufacturers recommend installing a battery cover to protect your system from the elements.

At Simply Covers, we design and manufacture Sungrow covers using top-grade materials impervious to water, dust, dirt, and sun exposure, ensuring the safety and security of your equipment. Whether you prefer a contemporary and sophisticated design or a robust and hard-wearing one, we offer an extensive range of covers to meet your requirements.

Our collection boasts a diverse selection of sizes, styles, and colours to help you find the ideal cover that complements your Sungrow system flawlessly.

Why do I need a cover for my Sungrow battery?

Solar system manufacturers usually recommend that installations be shaded to prevent overheating and minimise the risk of damaging the system's components due to prolonged exposure to UV light. However, not all homeowners have the privilege of installing solar systems in shaded areas!

With this in mind, we’ve created various premium-quality covers for Sungrow batteries. Our covers are purpose-built to safeguard your solar system against severe weather conditions and excessive heat, promoting the longevity and warranty of your system.

Moreover, our covers offer ventilation for effective cooling and are compatible with various Sungrow models.

A wide range of colours to suit your home’s facade

Our collection includes a range of stylishly crafted covers available in various colours, including dark grey, light grey (solar control grey), and solar white (solar ice), providing a more fashionable solution for protecting your battery. We’ve selected these colours to blend harmoniously with the exterior of your home.

The colour of your cover is pivotal in determining the amount of heat and light it reflects or absorbs, as depicted in the colour chart below.


If you need assistance in choosing a stylish and functional colour for your cover, feel free to contact our team at (07) 3054 4334. Our team has designed hundreds of solar covers and has the expertise to offer professional advice in selecting the best option for your Sungrow system.

Order Sungrow battery covers online at Simply Covers

Our covers are handcrafted to safeguard your Sungrow battery, ensuring optimum performance and protection under warranty throughout its lifespan. Select your desired colour and browse our online store for quick and economical shipping throughout Australia!