Solar Battery Covers

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Extend the lifespan of your battery with our quality solar battery covers

Solar batteries are a big investment and a crucial part of your solar energy system. Most manufacturers require solar batteries to be installed out of direct sunlight — excessive overheating can cause your battery to a performance reduction, and sun damage can degrade your battery’s exterior casing, electrical components and LCD screens.

Installing a solar battery system out of the elements is not always possible. This is where a quality solar battery cover can make all the difference! Manufactured in Australia since 2018, our battery covers are made from the highest quality materials available on the market, including stainless steel hinges, anodised aluminium and polycarbonate sheeting from Palram, a global leader in thermoplastic technology. 

Not only do our covers block harsh UV rays and heat, but they also offer excellent airflow to ensure your battery doesn’t overheat. 

Invest in a solar battery cover from Simply Covers to promote solar performance and extend the lifespan of your battery!

Customising a battery cover with Simply Covers

Our battery covers are compatible with a wide range of brands, makes and models, including:

However, if you can’t find the right fit for your battery, we can manufacture one from scratch! Simply email through a photo of your battery, solar inverter and the surrounding area. AC and DC switches might need covering or space constraints to navigate nearby downpipes, conduits, windows or gates. 

Our team can provide expert recommendations and advice and guide you through customisation. It’s all available to do online.

  1. Select a cover from our custom covers page, picking a size larger than the required size.
  2. Add in your desired dimensions and choose a colour.
  3. Submit your order!

It’s that easy with Simply Covers. Learn more about custom orders, or start customising your battery or solar inverter cover online today.

Attractive colours to suit your home’s facade

At Simply Covers, we offer a more sleek and stylish design with various colour options, including dark grey, light grey (solar control grey) and solar white (solar ice)! Carefully selected to blend in with your home’s facade, our covers are a more attractive option to protect your battery. 

The colour of your cover will determine how much heat and light is reflected or absorbed into the cover — see outlined colours below. 

Contact us to discuss colour options for your battery cover, or shop online today. We offer fast manufacturing and shipping throughout Australia. 

FAQs about solar battery covers

  • Are battery covers difficult to install?

    No! Installation is a simple process, whether you’re fixing the cover to timber or masonry. The wall fixing tabs are pre-drilled for installation, and the cover is lightweight, so it is easily lifted and held into position to be installed. Learn more about the installation process here or contact our team for expert support.
  • Do your solar battery covers come with a warranty?

    Yes, our battery and solar inverter covers come with a workmanship and materials warranty of three years.
  • Can I pick up my cover in-store?

    Yes, you are welcome to pick up your new inverter or battery cover in-store at Simply Covers. We will direct you to our warehouse location in West End, Brisbane and times for pickup once your order is ready for pickup.

Order stock or custom battery covers online at Simply Covers

From solar inverter covers to battery covers and more, we offer a great product and fast service. Order a stock battery cover for manufacturing and shipping within two short business days, or customise your cover online to fit your battery perfectly. It’s that easy with Simply Covers.

Need a hand with installation in the Brisbane metro area? Contact our team for an obligation-free quote. Our team can install your cover within a few short minutes.