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Invest in solar performance. Invest in a Sungrow battery cover from Simply Covers!

While solar energy systems are designed to absorb sunlight and power your home naturally, it doesn’t mean that the components are immune from the elements. Too much sunlight can cause your battery to overheat, subsequently causing a reduction in power and ongoing performance issues. Plus, UV light can degrade your battery’s exterior casing over time, along with internal electrical components and LCD screens.

With this in mind, we design and manufacture Sungrow battery covers to protect crucial components like batteries and inverters from UV light.

Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel hinges, anodised aluminium, and polycarbonate sheeting from Palram (a global leader in thermoplastic technologies), our Sungrow battery shade covers have been proudly manufactured in Australia since 2018 — right here in our warehouse in West End Brisbane. 

We manufacture Sungrow battery covers compatible with the following models. 

Sungrow SBR096 and SBR128 battery cover

Our Sungrow SBR096-128 battery cover is 77cm height x 98cm width x 42cm depth and is suitable for both these battery models This particular cover is wall-mounted and has adjustable feet at the front, increasing the height of the cover by 10cm. It also has a 7cm back at the gap for ventilation and accommodates additional obstacles like switches, conduits, and uneven walls. 

Colours available: 

  • Light grey
  • Solar ice (white). 

Sungrow SBR160 and SBR192 battery cover

This cover is compatible with the Sungrow SBR160 and SBR192 at 105cm height x 98cm width x 42cm depth. Like the previous cover, it has adjustable feet at the bottom that can increase the height of this cover by 10cm. 

Colours available: 

  • Light grey
  • Solar ice (white). 

Do I really need Sungrow solar battery cover?

Almost all solar manufacturers require their batteries and inverters to be installed in the shade. Direct sunlight can cause the system to overheat and decrease performance. Meanwhile, more vulnerable components can crack and warp in the UV light, ultimately voiding your warranty. 

Unfortunately, installing your battery in the shade isn’t always an option, which is why a Sungrow solar battery cover is the perfect solution. Made from durable, UV-resistant materials, our covers are designed to go the distance — plus, with a spacious 7cm at the back of the cover, ventilation and cooling aren’t a problem!

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