Huawei Solar Battery Covers

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Durable, long-lasting Huawei solar battery covers for peak solar performance

Need a durable, protective cover for your Huawei solar energy system? Look no further than Simply Covers! We’ve been manufacturing Huawei covers in West End Brisbane since 2018.

Proudly Australian-made from high-quality materials like stainless steel hinges, anodised aluminium and polycarbonate sheeting from Palram (a global leader in thermoplastic technologies), our Huawei solar battery covers are built to last. Plus, with sleek and stylish colours complimenting your home’s facade, you’ll be impressed with its aesthetics and durability.

We manufacture Huawei solar battery covers for the following models. 

Huawei Luna 2000 5kW

Our Huawei Luna 2000 5kW (LUNA2000-5-S0) battery covers are 86cm high x 98cm wide x 21cm deep, providing ample space for the battery, switches, conduits and other obstacles. There’s also a 3cm gap at the back for ventilation and to accommodate uneven walls. 

Colours available: 

  • Light grey
  • Solar ice (white). 

Huawei Luna 2000 10kW

Our Huawei Luna 2000 10kW (LUNA2000-10-S0) battery covers are 125cm high x 98cm wide x 21cm deep, accommodating for the larger 10kW size. Despite its larger size, this cover is lightweight and simple to install!

Colours available: 

  • Light grey
  • Solar ice (white). 

Do I really need a Huawei battery solar cover?

Almost all solar manufacturers recommend installing their batteries and inverters in the shade — excessive overheating can cause a reduction in power and ongoing performance issues. Plus, UV light can degrade your battery’s exterior casing, internal electrical components, and LCD screens, ultimately impacting your warranty. 

Installing your solar system away from direct sunlight can be challenging for some homeowners. With this in mind, a Huawei battery shade cover is always recommended to get the best performance out of your solar energy system and protect crucial components from the sun!

Our Huawei battery solar covers are made from the most UV-resistant materials available, protecting your battery against Australia’s harsh sunlight and weather conditions. Plus, each cover has a 3cm gap at the back to provide ventilation and cooling for your battery, preventing overheating. 

Shop Huawei battery covers online for fast, affordable shipping nationwide

Investing in a Huawei battery solar cover has never been easier. Simply choose your preferred size and colour, and check out online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia! Alternatively, you choose free in-store pick-up from our warehouse in Brisbane.

Our team can provide installation tips and support if needed!